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Quilombo started its agribusiness activities in 1984, with the breeding of Nelore cattle on Quilombo Farm, located in Indaiatuba, 80 km from São Paulo. Represented by a high selection of Nelore Elite cattle it was among the most awarded farms in Brazil, being champion in 1999, being granted the award for best breeder in Brazil.

In 1996, believing in the breed, with expressive achieved results and with the purpose of total integration of stockbreeding activity, Quilombo decided to increase its livestock. For that, it transformed the Perdizes Farm in Capo Grande-MS into its project for production of sires and wombs and has been, for over 15 years, the most modern assessment methodology, known as Nelore Genetic Breeding Program (PMGRN) of USP, assessing its animals for characteristics of weight gain and fertility.

Searching for a genetic progress, Quilombo uses the most advanced techniques of improvement and biotechnology available in the market, producing very high quality genetics, which ensures a differentiate commercial cattle with excellent results. In addition to PMGRN, our animals participate in the Test of Weight Gain in pasture with the supervision of Embrapa Gado de Corte (Embrapa - Brazilian Agricultural Research Company - Beef Cattle) – Campo Grande, organized by the farm itself. Created for 10 years, PGP Quilombo is the longest assessment of Nelore animals. It s a project that shows concern about producing animals highly specialized in pasture animal meat. The Herd is constantly tested and improved to ensure animals that stand out with a high level production. Currently, Nelore Quilombo is fully dedicated to result stockbreeding, being based on all its expertise and reputation achieved in cutting edge genetics.

Aiming at the optimization of the production of Perdizes and Nazaré Farms, Quilombo started investing in forestry in 2008. It planted, in an approximate land area of 4,000ha, 5.2 million of eucalyptus seedlings which will be designed for the production of raw material for cellulose industry. Through the acquisition of lands, the company plans to increase its investments in the sector and have 30,000ha of planted area by 2020.

This is Quilombo, a company that believes in Brazil and in its growth, and knows that the sustainability of the agribusiness goes through investments in productivity, environment preservation and that only the professionalization of the country may keep us competitive.

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